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Yanolja acquires Dable to strengthen AI capabilities in hotels


Yanolja Cloud acquired South Korea-based advertising technology company Dable to strengthen its artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the global market.

This decision is in line with Yanolja’s ambition to be the “first travel company in the world”

Dable, based in Korea, is a global advertising technology company that describes itself as “a platform for content discovery, which aims to connect users, media and content.”

The company claims it collects and analyzes website log data from 500 million monthly users in real time, using machine learning technology, and claims to have partnerships with more than 3,000 clients such as media companies, trading companies and content providers (apps and blogs), providing them with personalization services.

Prior to the acquisition, Dable had also aggressively expanded into other Asian markets, including Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

In a press release, Yanolja Cloud claims that Dable achieves more than 40% of sales in the global market. “Based on AI, data and global business, Dable is operating with the goal of becoming the next unicorn company, recording an average annual growth rate of over 108%.

“Dable is well rated in the global market for its technology with the personalized user content recommendation service and the native AI based advertising platform including Big Data, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and deep learning.

“This year, it accelerates its global expansion by reaching the number one position in the industry of ‘personalized content recommendation service’ and native advertising in Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia, etc.”

Yanolja Cloud said that as a SaaS company offering software for various spaces, it decided to acquire Dable for the synergy to combine Dable’s AI technology and global Big Data business based on Yanolja Cloud solutions.

It plans to strengthen its position as a global AI-powered SaaS company through the digitization of spaces, the global distribution of digitized information and the expansion of data businesses.

In particular, it plans to introduce more automated hotel solutions by combining AI and blockchain with cloud and IoT, the core technologies of global hotel solutions. Using NLP and deep learning, it should analyze customer behavior data in the app and provide personalized recommendation services.

In addition, Yanolja Cloud plans to optimize the DSP (Demand-side Platform) for industry designed for spaces such as travel and hospitality, leisure and residence so that it can recommend relevant content to consumers. through various digital channels.

Through the platform, businesses will be able to significantly improve the effectiveness of advertising. As leaders in AI, Yanolja Cloud and Dable are expected to lead the advancement of personalized digital marketing and automation of operations across the industry.

* This article originally appeared on WebinTravel.