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Williams Lake conducts tax sale, move normally results in overdue tax payment – Williams Lake Tribune


In the past three years, the Town of Williams Lake has held only one sale due to overdue property taxes.

So when the provincial government offered municipalities the choice to defer tax sales to 2020 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, staff suggested that the City continue with its usual tax sale process.

“We are running the risk of a tax sale to get people to pay,” said city finance director Vitali Kozobenko.

“Every year we start calling people to tell them that they have overdue taxes and if they don’t pay their house will go up for sale and they will usually find the money to pay the city.”

At the regular council meeting on Tuesday, July 14, the council received a report from Kozubenko indicating that as of the July 2 deadline, there were 36 properties with overdue taxes. Three commercial and 33 residential properties, including 13 prefabricated or mobile homes.

This amount was similar to other years, he said.

He told the Tribune that 91.8 percent of taxes were collected for the City by the July 2 deadline, which is pretty normal.

“We had a recent discussion with other communities and many communities were concerned that paying taxes was more in trouble than Williams Lake. Some coastal communities said they only collected 50 percent of taxes.

Among the communities they contacted, the village of Belcarra, which is part of the greater Vancouver area, had the highest rate at 95% of taxes collected, while Williams Lake was second.

“People downstairs said they only collected 28% tax, but I think they postponed their payments until September. It was a long process to change the tax date and the board decided “not now”, and it was too late in the game to change the tax date.

Properties that are the subject of a tax sale will have unpaid taxes for three years.

The ad typically comes out in September for two weeks to notify the public of an upcoming tax sale, with the addresses of the properties included.

“We don’t publish the names, but we publish the address,” Kozubenko said.

Collecting overdue taxes will potentially bring in between $ 86,728.64 and $ 370,200.30 in tax revenue.

Recipients have a one-year grace period to pay the amount owed, he added.

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