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Wife cancels the wedding after finding a fiance on the adult website


One woman announced that she canceled her wedding 26 days after finding her – now ex – fiancé’s profile on an adult website.

take up Tick ​​tock To share the story with her followers, US woman Leela said she had to tell 101 guests that the wedding had been canceled after “some red flags” finally led to a shocking discovery on the Internet.

Leela canceled her wedding 26 days in advance. Photo: TikTok

“I started seeing a couple of red flags so I started looking. I don’t know if I got what I wanted, I mean, I think I did, “she said, revealing that a few family members” judged them left and right “for canceling the wedding, because she couldn’t tell them the full story.

“Of course it wasn’t a picnic for me either when I lost a lot of money and couldn’t pull it off.”


In subsequent videos, Leela explains that the couple had been together for three years and engaged for a year before their partner started a “discussion” about an open relationship.

“And no, it definitely wasn’t started by me,” she said.

More happened and she decided to break up with him and stay with a friend for a couple of weeks to think about things and when she got home to get something off her computer, she found some “weird” things .

TikTok cheats tiny details

They found a photo on the internet and a tiny detail revealed it. Photo: TikTok

“I log into my computer and see that there are things in the trash, so of course I click on it,” she explained. “It’s cleared history from this adult website and it’s weird stuff.”

When she brought the computer back to her friends, who continued to dig it up, she discovered an illuminating detail in a photo on the Internet.

“I recognize a picture … and it’s not of his face,” she explained. “My friend knew it by the sheets on my bed.

“Those sheets were kind of new, like a few months old, so that wasn’t something left by the wayside or old news,” she concluded. “I knew this was new.”

Leela received a lot of support from her followers online, and many people pointed out that at least she found out before the wedding, not after.

“It’s good that you find out before marriage. I found out last year after 27 years of marriage.

“You saved yourself from wasting years of your life on someone who wasn’t committed to you,” wrote another.

While a third said, “You did your best by canceling the wedding.

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