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Top 4 tips for building a better social strategy 2022 – Social Marketing


First, commit to inclusiveness

“Inclusiveness is not just a checkbox, it is an opportunity to broaden and deepen the content to foster the sharing of experiences and learning from diverse perspectives that can lead to a shift in focus. behavior, ”said Sarah Dale, CRO, Nativo.

Second, amplify the return on investment

“Investing in top-notch content is essential, but don’t stop there,” Dale said. “Amplify your content with a multiplatform approach to ensure you get the maximum ROI on what you create. “

Third, identify the value

“Identify value for your customers and how your content delivers that value. Work with experts to create your content to help solve your customers’ problems. This applies to all levels, from the clinical to the emotional. How will this help your audience? Will it bring relief, joy, actionable information for decision making? Put value first and brand second, ”Dale said.

Fourth, focus on the journey

“Understanding where each platform fits in the customer journey is critical so that you can meet your audience at the right time and in the right place, with the right content. Understanding what kind of content your audience needs at each stage of their journey makes content much more effective, ”said Dale.

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