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The top digital marketing trends you need to stay ahead of the curve with ISB Executive Education’s Digital Marketing and Analytics program

Digital marketing has evolved over the past few years and has completely changed the way we browse the internet. New technologies with faster internet speeds and a much wider reach, along with the advent of social media, have brought about a complete change in the way we live our daily lives. Besides personal transformation, these technologies have given birth to various business models. With such a large audience to reach in the digital space, businesses in all their forms want to get their word out in the digital space. This is where the role of a digital marketing expert comes in. This person is responsible for driving the growth of an organization by leveraging digital customer behavior, developing digital marketing strategies, and identifying the metrics required to effectively measure and optimize ROI.

A digital marketer should keep an eye on the latest trends in the digital marketing space. These trends determine how the industry will take shape; they also adapt quickly to changing needs to help a business succeed. For 2021 and 2022, some of the trends that digital marketers are building on are:

# 1 Voice search optimization: With virtual assistants having become very popular lately, with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, or Bixby getting a good deal of traction, digital marketers are now focusing more on voice search. They already play a crucial role in providing relevant information to search engine users. Google Assistant has 1 million actions and Alexa has over 100,000 skills, representing functions that allow their voice assistants to respond very specifically to user commands and requests.


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# 2 Programmatic advertising: It can be called a spinoff of how AI is taking over the digital marketing space. Programmatic advertising is increasingly popular. This type of marketing uses AI to automate the purchase of ads. Without any human intervention on the ad purchase, many businesses are moving towards this reliable and cost effective solution to their needs.

# 3 Social networks: From product integration on Instagram stories and reels to Facebook marketing, from live streaming on Twitch to paid Twitter campaigns and YouTube short films, today digital marketers are focusing on these platforms specifically to increase the reach of their brands. These platforms provide them with information and even help you track your performance and analyze your work. They’re even ready to develop a skill that will help them analyze consumer behavior and research patterns and use data from social media platforms to help businesses understand how customers find their products and services.

# 4 Artificial intelligence: Being the main driver of many services such as content creation, chatbots and search engines, artificial intelligence has intensified over the past two years. In fact, the pandemic has further fueled growth. According to a PwC survey of more than 1,000 companies in the United States, up to 52% of them have ramped up their AI adoption plans.

# 5 influencer marketing: Influencer Marketing is a powerful combination of social media and word of mouth marketing that uses influencers already popular on social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram to amplify the brand in the market. According to an influencer marketing survey conducted by HubSpot Influencer Marketing, up to 90% of people believe influencer marketing is a form of effective marketing. And to reach a much larger population with a loyal following, influencer marketing could prove to be the next big thing!

The Right Way Forward with ISB Executive Education’s Digital Marketing and Analytics Program

According to an Analytics Insight report, 2020 India will reach one billion internet users by 2025. And with so many active internet users, the digital marketing landscape will only become more competitive than it is today. If you want to be a part of this evolving industry and learn more about the details of digital marketing that is in line with the trends of the ever changing digital space, you need to enroll in the Digital Marketing and Analytics program of ISB Executive Education.

Designed with Eruditus Executive Education, ISB Executive Education’s Digital Marketing and Analytics program will enable you to understand digital customer behavior, develop digital marketing strategies, and identify requested metrics to effectively measure and optimize ROI. . With this program, you will prepare for a rewarding career in digital marketing and analytics by gaining robust and reliable skills and strategies in our ever-changing economy. If you would like to know more about the program, click here.

With an emphasis on analytics-based digital marketing, this high-impact program will equip you to effectively improve campaign ROI. To give you hands-on labor market experience in the digital marketing landscape, the Digital Marketing and Analytics program uses Stukent Mimic Pro. This new-age learning tool will help students hone their skills in line with the trends of the Indian digital space. Stukent Mimic Pro aims to help learners develop targeted content strategies, create and manage mock campaigns, monitor and optimize KPIs, and manage campaign budgets.


Be part of the ISB executive network

After successfully completing the program, you will be part of the ISB Executive Network which offers many benefits, such as:

  • ISB Newsletters with the latest updates
  • Learning and networking opportunities through ISB Executive Education Network Group on LinkedIn
  • Exclusive invitations to online and offline events such as webinars, conferences and masterclasses
  • Ability to facilitate as a guest speaker at ISB executive events
  • Preferential pricing with 10% reduction on program fees on open ISB Executive Education programs
  • Upgrade to ISB Executive Alumni Group with over 100 hours of learning

Key points of the ISB Executive Education Digital Marketing and Analytics program:

  • Fee: INR 100,000 + GST
  • Duration: 12 weeks
  • Format: Online via video conferences

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