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‘The Snoopy Show’ promotion takes over Apple website


Apple’s regular website has been transformed with the addition of characters from “The Snoopy Show” to Apple TV +, including the Red Baron piloting an iPhone.

To promote the debut of “The Snoopy Show” on Apple TV +, Apple handed over its website to the characters in the series. Ranging from a regular promotional still to “Charlie Brown” characters interacting with Apple’s usual product displays, the promotion took over the entire Apple.com home page.

The top of the page shows a banner for the show, as well as lively Snoopy dances. Further down the page, the normal image showing the iPhone 12 lineup is still there in the same position and looks like it did before – but Snoopy is piloting the red phone.

Likewise, the lightness of the iPad Air 4 below is emphasized. The normal almost completely sideways shot is altered when Woodstock – the little yellow bird – and his friends seemingly lift him up to win.

Then the HomePod mini spot on the page sees Snoopy and Woodstock dancing again. While the usual Apple TV ad that completes the page is as it always has been, except the image shown on the TV screen is from “The Snoopy Show”.

This isn’t the first time Apple has made headlines. Each January, it replaces all of its advertising with a page honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This “Snoopy” redesign, however, is closer to promoting Apple Arcade in February 2020. This has seen not only game characters drawn alongside Apple products, but actively interacting with them.


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