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Tealium announces features, Northpass integrates with HubSpot and more CX News


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Tealium, a Customer Data Platform (CDP), announced Tealium Functions, a free feature within Tealium CDP. It is designed to allow customers to connect custom destinations, manage data, automate workflows, and launch new use cases. Tealium Functions provides a canvas for developers to take advantage of JavaScript code to build custom solutions and launch new use cases.

Specifically, Tealium Functions can help customers:

  • Create or customize integrations to connect to custom destinations or customize existing marketplace integrations
  • Transform streaming data in real time before activation
  • Automate workflows
  • Connect to external datasets to leverage data that resides outside of a company’s CDP

Tealium Functions is generally available to Tealium EventStream API Hub and AudienceStream CDP customers.

Later this year, transformations in Tealium functions will be available to further expand customization capabilities and allow customers to build functions at the point of data collection.

In other news on digital customer experience software …

Northpass integrates with HubSpot

Northpass, a learning software platform, announced that it is officially listed on the HubSpot App Marketplace. Application Partners are Independent Software Providers (ISVs) who have built an integration with HubSpot and have been accepted on the App Marketplace.

Northpass for HubSpot connects a learning management system (LMS) to HubSpot’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This connection allows HubSpot customers who install it to:

  • Share data programmatically between HubSpot and Northpass
  • Centralize the data of learning activities within the CRM
  • Automate customer training workflows using training data and CRM

Epsilon expands messaging capabilities

Epsilon announced that it is expanding its messaging capabilities with the launch of Epsilon PeopleCloud (EPC) Messaging Essentials, a solution for email and cross-channel marketers in midsize businesses. EPC Messaging Essentials leverages Epsilon’s enterprise solution, EPC Messaging, to help marketers send personalized messages to customers via email, SMS, mobile push and more. It is supported by Epsilon’s identity resolution capabilities.

EPC Messaging Essentials offers new campaign-specific features that can be activated by mid-market companies:

  • Dialogs: Helps marketers define a set of real-time marketing automations that respond to customer behaviors and signals across various channels.
  • SignUp +: Identifies the best targets for a brand, delivers digital advertising to them that connects to a smart capture email registration experience, capturing profile data.

Bloomreach announces the launch of a new content module

Bloomreach, which provides content and commerce solutions, has announced the launch of a headless content module, Bloomreach Content. Bloomreach content is designed for commerce.

Bloomreach Content offers:

  • The Bloomreach content module is fully SaaS
  • Friendly for merchants: Bloomreach Content empowers marketers and merchandisers to create and control the customer journey across digital channels
  • Trade-specific tools: Bloomreach Content users can create pages; on-page product merchandising; planning of pages; an API-first architecture; and have the ability to launch, manage and customize campaign specific landing pages, microsites and more. The new Bloomreach content module is also integrated with storefronts including Vue Storefront, Next.js Commerce, React Storefront 8, and SAP Spartacus, and supports Layer0 web development platform partners, Netlify, and Vercel.

FullStory updates the DXI platform

FullStory, a digital experience intelligence (DXI) provider, has announced enhancements to its DXI platform. New Signals and Funnels features extend FullStory’s platform to help businesses better understand how customers move in their digital experiences. Businesses can leverage anonymized customer behavioral data to take data-driven action based on more than a dozen preconfigured digital engagement metrics, according to company officials.

The new enhancements add four new signals, including Scroll Depth (content engagement analysis); Highlight (look for key interactions); Pinch-to-zoom (solve sizing difficulties) and Refresh (see performance friction page).

With funnels, users can perform analysis on workflows to reveal the gains and opportunities for improving the digital experience. Funnels allow businesses to measure form fill rates, analyze onboarding forms, and understand interactions with carousels and modals.

Funnels and signals are immediately available to FullStory customers and included as part of the FullStory DXI platform.

Kibo adds a custom search

Kibo, a commerce provider, announced that custom search is now available. Kibo Personalized Search is the latest personalization feature to further integrate Monetate and Certona capabilities into the Kibo platform.

Custom Search offers a set of search capabilities spanning the navigation and discovery journey, including:

  • Personalized site search: Provides search results using Monetate and Certona
  • Custom Category Pages: Provides personalized product listings on category or subcategory pages
  • Predictive visual search: Allows recommendation results for search terms as you type, partially or fully

Sprout Social integrates with Shopify and Facebook stores

Sprout Social, a cloud-based social media management software provider, announced new integrations with Shopify and Facebook Shops. Sprout’s integrations with Shopify and Facebook Shops enable Sprout users to provide customer service and provide personalized interactions throughout the purchase cycle. Sprout customers will now have access to product catalogs and historical customer information.

Tenovos Secures $ 8 Million Series A-1 Funding

Tenovos, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) provider, announced it has secured an $ 8 million Series A-1 investment led by Progress Ventures. The oversubscribed round more than triples the valuation of the company and has participation from previous investors including Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments (BDMI), Revel Partners and Dublin Capital. It also introduces new personal investors, including Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Tealium. The investment will be used to accelerate product development.

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