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Ruth Kuttler is changing the world of marketing with Unique


Beverly Hills, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since 2007, Ruth Kuttler has been intimately familiar with the evolution of the Internet and digital marketing. She and her outstanding team are well versed in growing trends, compelling content creation, pixel-perfect web design, and custom web development built for conversions and automation. Through comprehensive and innovative digital services, Webpuzzlemaster helps local businesses and entrepreneurs to capture market share, increase revenue, build brand and reputation, promote customer loyalty, and utilize digital technology. automation to improve productivity and return on investment (ROI).

Listen to Ruth Kuttler’s full interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

The career move that changed Ruth’s life, from healthcare to digital services

Before transitioning into a career in digital design and marketing, Ruth faced challenges as a nurse practitioner and in various nursing roles in her healthcare career. Her quest to find her purpose and passion led her to enter a poetry contest. It was the catalyst that ultimately helped Ruth discover her passion and potential to make a creative career change. Ruth knew that the Internet would play a major role in the future. With the support of her husband, Ruth quit nursing and enrolled in a program to learn graphic and web design skills, HTML and internet marketing. Initially, she collaborated with a partner for web design and development projects. In 2007, she became a solo entrepreneur, founding Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency to provide comprehensive services designed to follow trends and proven online practices.

The evolution of digital content marketing

When Ruth made the career transition, technology was far less advanced and mobile marketing did not exist. Most businesses were skeptical that the Internet would replace their reliance on word of mouth, direct mail, and the phone book. However, Ruth managed to change the minds of her clients thanks to the results she obtained.

Ruth intuitively created quality content optimized with relevant keywords that produced top Google rankings almost immediately. At the time, however, Google and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) were not popular. Nonetheless, SEO combined with compelling written content and images helped Ruth achieve outstanding results. One of his clients, who was previously totally dependent on expensive paid leads, quickly started acquiring quality leads and customers from his website. It made him change his mind about the value of the internet.

Website Strategies and Planning for Business Owners Looking to Improve Their Bottom Line

Every business today needs a website for branding and to maximize leads and revenue with a powerful online presence. Ruth explained that the website receives traffic from all sources. This is where most conversions happen.

Ruth described an effective website as one that speaks to the ideal customer with engaging content that sets the business apart from competitors and is easy to navigate for mobile, desktop and TV users. Impressive audience-specific content is designed to drive conversions that can include lead generation, sales, list building, event registrations, and social sharing. Besides the content, high converting websites need to load quickly and provide the best user experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Before creating a website, Ruth spends time with prospective business owners to fully understand their needs, goals, budget and requirements. Its strategic planning services incorporate the client’s unique selling proposition (USP), competitor analysis, in-depth understanding of the market that connects to the core of its ideal audience, and the keywords the target market is looking for. Another consideration is that the products or services are unique, in demand, and not at risk of losing their appeal due to changing market conditions.

Where most brands go wrong with customer targeting and retention

During the interview, Ruth recalled an experience with a client selling high-end products to a high-end BTB market. The company had an old, outdated website where the messaging attracted a BTC customer and omitted attractive images and content to target ideal customers. A redevelopment of this project based on detailed strategic planning and compelling keyword optimized content, transformed results very quickly as the client quickly increased inquiries and sales from her targeted BTB market.

Another common problem with brands is their inability to use strategies to retain and retain customers. This is where automated marketing through email and SMS campaigns can be very useful in building customer loyalty, increasing profits and producing a significant return on investment.

About Webpuzzlemaster Digital Marketing Agency

Ruth’s business excels in digital marketing designed to establish and strengthen a business brand and help them achieve sustainable business growth. Services focused on local businesses include strategic planning, graphic design, web design and development, copywriting, SEO, video production and marketing, as well as social media, email and SMS marketing . While most marketing agencies outsource some or all of the digital offerings, Webpuzzlemaster defines and manages all of the services provided. Their culture of teamwork of a qualified and experienced team as well as commitment is instilled in each project.

Strategic planning is an important service provided to maximize efficiency, profits and return on investment. In addition to creating compelling content, Ruth helps clients and prospects with strategies that use technology for automation, database development, lead generation, review solicitation, sales and marketing. , and communication with CRM, email and SMS services via APIs and webhooks. She also educates clients on safety, additional opportunities for creating residual income streams, and how to comply with sales tax and ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements.

The success of any online endeavor requires thorough keyword research for organic SEO and PPC advertising. Ruth says that identifying buyer keywords that aren’t very competitive but are being searched for in large numbers is especially important to producing targeted traffic as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost. The right keywords should be combined with messaging that speaks to the ideal customer, making them feel like the business is their best choice.

Keyword research is an essential part of every online venture in order to benefit from search marketing. Keyword research does not replace the need for initial and ongoing SEO (search engine optimization) services. Whether it’s a website, video, or social media page, businesses must continually produce keyword-optimized content to attract and convert ideal customers.

Webpuzzlemaster Proprietary WordPress Software Creation

Ruth’s company has developed two proprietary WordPress plugins (software), designed to increase profits and retain customers. These include a robust media gallery and an SMS plugin for scheduling and sending bulk SMS to targeted lists.

The gallery called “Ultimate WP Multimedia Gallery” is a fully responsive plugin for embedded YouTube and Vimeo images and videos. What makes it truly unique and exciting is its powerhouse of tools to boost engagement, website traffic, link building, content syndication and YouTube channel subscription – all without losing contact with the website. Its conversion call-to-action button labels and links for each gallery item make it ideal for lead generation, sales, opt-in list building, and appointment conversions . Learn more at https://gallery.webpuzzlemaster.com/

Webpuzzlemaster has also created eZ SMS Blaster, a simple, affordable, and robust SMS (Short Message Service) marketing plugin designed to help businesses increase profits from new and existing customers through effective follow-up. eZ SMS Blaster overcomes the biggest challenges of using SMS marketing with easy-to-use software designed to build multiple lists, advanced targeting, and strategically timed SMSing. Businesses can import permission-based listings or use the form builder to create custom signup forms. They can even create a birthday form and automate the process of giving subscribers a free digital gift on their birthday. All forms offer the option to include a digital incentive which is managed within the plugin. The software includes the ability to create and clone HTML coupons supporting clickable actions for immediate results. Learn more at https://ezsmsblaster.com/

How Managed Hosting Works

As Ruth explained, websites are a business owner’s greatest marketing asset. Typically, digital marketing agencies design websites and publish them on their client’s chosen host platform. They do what they are paid to do and provide no other support. These companies may not back up websites and consider potential viruses and hacks. As a result, affected companies have to pay expensive fees for online recovery and blacklisting by Google. Webpuzzlemaster has recognized this shortcoming. Not only do they host commercial sites on a fully managed and secure server that scans websites for threats, but they also take care of site management. This includes software updates, troubleshooting and resolving conflicts, performance issues, malware and blacklists, all for one low monthly cost.

The Future of the Digital Revolution and Webpuzzlemaster

Ruth is excited to expand and evolve digital marketing agency Webpuzzlemaster. She believes the internet and marketing will continue to evolve. It is committed to following trends that impact the online presence of the businesses it serves. To learn more, visit webpuzzlemaster.com and book a free 30-minute strategy session.

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