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RISMedia launches a brand new website – RISMedia


The transformational overhaul by real estate webmasters includes a new branding and a fully optimized and responsive, lightning-fast and user-friendly experience

RISMedia announced the launch of its new website, rismedia.com, which features the media company’s brand redesign since the start of the year, as well as several new features, including a sleek new look, more menu. faster and easier to navigate, a strong search function and a fully SEO optimized platform and responsive mobile design.

2021 has been a year of transformation for the 41-year-old real estate media company, which, in addition to the brand refresh and new website, has made several other important investments for the future this year, including a series of appointments. and Hiring, designed to further strengthen RISMedia’s editorial, creative, technology and customer service teams, as the company plans for continued expansion and growth throughout this and next year.

According to RISMedia founder, CEO and publisher John Featherston, now is the time to invest in these important business upgrades.

“We recognized that over the past two years, we had to reinvent the infrastructure that makes RISMedia work,” explains Featherston. “We are becoming a very different organization. The products and services we now provide to the industry have changed, and with that, we wanted to demonstrate the vitality of our organization and the value we deliver in the future. “

In addition to the brand refresh earlier this year, RISMedia has continued to work with the website, branding and SEO powerhouse Real Estate Webmasters as a partner to create its new site.

Real estate webmasters are redesigning the site with a modern, clean and accessible layout that is easily navigable. Along with super-fast speed and a new mobile look, the company adopted more videos on the revamped site, as well as more subtle, non-intrusive ads. The content is also clearly labeled and easy to navigate.

“The overall look of the site is clean, simple and accessible and matches the transition to our newsletters and our new branding,” said Jay Featherston, senior vice president of corporate development at RISMedia. “We had to focus on what we’re good at: generating high quality content. We brought in SEO and design experts to help us with these components so that we can be reinvested and refocused on improving the experience of our customers and readers.

The new features have been designed to benefit both readers and customers of RISMedia. Here’s how:

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is an essential part of reaching a new and larger audience. Implementing SEO best practices will give customer-related content the best chance to rank higher organically on the results pages of search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The editors at RISMedia are also crafting their articles with SEO optimization in mind, and overall the new site was designed by leading SEO experts at Real Estate Webmasters.

Some of the SEO improvements include:

  • Fully mobile responsive layout and navigation
  • Faster page load times
  • Increase in video content
  • Accessibility features

Mobile responsiveness

Over 50% of RISMedia readers access rismedia.com on their mobile devices.

The new mobile-optimized layout will make it easier to read and navigate, resulting in more time spent on articles and more pageviews. Display and interstitial ads are also fully optimized for all devices.


The new RISMedia site was designed so that everyone can navigate and find the information they are looking for, including users with hearing, cognitive, physical, neurological and visual impairments.

Environmental challenges were also discussed, including reading outdoors or in bright environments or in situations where audio cannot be read aloud.

Search functionality

The updated rismedia.com has a robust search functionality, where readers will not only be able to search by keywords or topics, but our customers will also be able to search for their company name or an executive to see each article they have submitted. or in which they were mentioned or cited.

“Search engine optimization is a fundamental tenet of everything we do,” says Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters. “We provided comprehensive audit services and worked hand in hand with the RISMedia content team to not only protect their most valuable asset, but also to ensure that they were configured to increase their organic traffic and their SEO results over time. “

Kelly McKenna, senior vice president of creative services and marketing at RISMedia, added, “Real estate webmasters have done an incredible job with the rebranding of RISMedia. They really took the time to understand who we are and what our future goals are, and translated that into a fresh, modern design that starts with our logo and tagline and continues through the new website design. This is not easy to do for an established brand with over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry. They really brought out our rebranding and redesign of our park website. “

Featherston said visitors would benefit from a “phenomenal new site”, noting the benefits it would present to readers and customers.

“The new RISMedia.com offers a cutting-edge platform that ensures that RISMedia will serve its customers better, more efficiently and in a way they expect, and in a way that will allow us to grow,” said Featherston. . “Information is our motto and disseminating it effectively is just as important as creating it. “

Both Featherston and Carey noted that the site is structured to provide even more opportunities for RISMedia clients in the future, including Power Brokers, to help them benefit from the authority of RISMedia.com, both to strengthen their online reputation and even help their own brokerage. websites rank higher.

Carey added, “We will drive massive traffic to RISMedia advertisers and Power Brokers. Stay tuned!”

RISMedia welcomes visitors’ comments to its new site! Please visit the brand new RISMedia.com and send your comments to [email protected].

Beth McGuire is the vice president of online editorial at RISMedia. Email him your story ideas at [email protected].

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