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Regula helps enroll users in the Permission.io advertising rewards program


Regula Forensic Medicine will help Permission.io verify the identity of people using its platform. Permission.io is a digital advertising service that rewards users for their interaction with advertising material, while Regula is best known for its document verification capabilities.

Thanks to the new partnership, Permission.io will be able to ensure that its ads are seen and that the rewards go to the right people. The agreement relates specifically to Regula’s Document Reader SDK, which is integrated with the Permission.io platform to provide a more reliable and convenient Know Your Customer experience.

To this end, the Document Reader SDK is able to confirm the authenticity of an identity document and determine whether the document has been tampered with or not. The solution relies on a massive database of document templates and crosses the information printed on the surface of a document with the information stored in the MRZ, VIZ or barcode to make sure everything is consistent . The Regula SDK also has uses facial recognition to match an image of the user to their identifier.

According to Permission.io, the SDK will speed up the onboarding process as it eliminates the need to manually enter data during registration. Instead, the SDK will extract the necessary information from the document and automatically and precisely enter that information in the appropriate field.

Permission.io rewards consumers for referring friends, watching video ads, and answering questions about their preferences. The company distributes its own ASK digital currency in exchange for a service and will store all personal data on its internal authorization network.

“Advertisers get the end of the stick,” said Charles Silver, CEO of Permission.io. “Too often the ads they pay to run don’t even get seen. Permission is bringing the change this industry needs by respecting user data and providing advertisers with superior targeting and better ROI on their massive spend.

Regula opened a new office in Ukraine in August. The company has previously provided secure document verification services for the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service, and for the Pearson VUE online testing company.

June 8, 2021 – by Eric Weiss


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