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Protiviti’s new digital solution helps companies bridge the gap


Joan Smith, Customer Experience Pro, Leads Protiviti Digital

Protiviti is launching a new offer, Protiviti Digitalto serve clients looking to execute complex digital and marketing strategies as well as transform customer experiences.

Protiviti Digital brings together the company’s work to help customers improve their customer experience, create more efficient customer journeys and develop deeper connections between the revenue-generating parts of the business and other critical functions such as as technology, marketing, finance and operations. For nearly 20 years, Protiviti has supported its customers through a series of digital and operational transformations, and the launch of Protiviti Digital continues this work with a greater focus on the most important interest group in companies: the customer.

“Protiviti Digital was created out of a distinct recognition of the relationship between cutting-edge technology, efficient operations and strong customer experiences, and is a natural extension of our current customer services,” said Cory Gunderson, vice- Executive Chairman, Global Solutions, Protiviti. “Protiviti Digital is part of our strategy to extend our end-to-end digital offerings to help our customers leverage the power of data, enabling technologies and other means to facilitate exceptional customer experiences for their customers.”

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Protiviti Digital’s Managing Director is the head of Protiviti Digital, Joan Smith, an experienced consultant with over two decades of applied experience in the digital and customer experience landscape. Throughout his career, Smith has guided CMOs and digital leaders at Fortune 500 companies through transformation initiatives that improve experiences and growth.

“In recent years, transformations on the digital customer side have taken place separately from the operational modernization of organizations. We have reached a nexus where these two things need to happen in parallel,” Smith said. “Current supply chain shortages and rapidly changing customer preferences underscore the central role of strong digital solutions for long-term business resilience and for remaining competitive in today’s disruptive marketplace.”

Smith and Jennifer Friese, Experience and Platforms Segment Leader, Protiviti Digital, will speak at Adobe Virtual Summit – The Digital Experience Conference, in a session titled “An Uncertain Future Demands Customer Experience Innovation” on March 16 at 2:00 p.m. PDT. They will share insights into the unprecedented shifts in the balance between the digital and physical worlds and how brands can thrive at the confluence of marketing, data and governance, customer experience and supply chains. supply.

Protiviti is an Adobe event sponsor and attendees can connect with Protiviti Digital