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OutboundEngine to be acquired by Elm Street Technology


Source: Elm Street Technology

OutboundEngine was acquired by Elm Street Technology, a provider of residential real estate marketing solutions. The acquisition will bring OutboundEngine’s marketing automation capabilities to Elm Street’s Elevate platform, which provides businesses with an end-to-end suite of real estate marketing services. OutboundEngine is the tenth acquisition made by Elm Street Technology since its inception in 2016.

OutboundEngine’s All-in-One Marketing Software is Designed to Help SMBs Across Financial Services, Automotive, Real Estate, Mortgages, Travel, Home Services, Travel and More to discover new opportunities in their existing network. Meanwhile, Elm Street Technology’s Elevate platform provides real estate companies with a growing collection of technology and marketing services designed to capture and nurture leads with email, blogging, social media, CRM, lead generation and marketing automation.

Elm Street Technology’s Elevate platform gives real estate professionals a single source and point of contact for their business and marketing needs. The acquisition of OutboundEngine and its technology stack will help Elm Street Technology create new opportunities for its existing real estate clientele. It will also help expand Elm Street’s “one-stop-shop” for real estate marketing strategies and expand into larger markets and audience segments, including mortgage and loan verticals.

Marc Pickren, CEO of OutboundEngine, made the following statement in a press release announcing the acquisition: “We are in a time of radical digital change and customer-centric product evolution. OutboundEngine’s ability to align with a progressive and forward-thinking company like Elm Street Technology will allow us to evolve our products and services at an aggressive rate that has never been seen in the real estate industry.

Learn more about OutboundEngine and Elm Street Technology.

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