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Mozilla tests Bing as default search engine for 1% of users


“Mozilla is currently conducting an experiment on 1% of the Firefox desktop population, which sets the default search engine to Bing in the web browser,” said Martin Brinkmann for ghacks.

The choice of research is an ongoing problem. We’ve written about Search Choice before because it’s a topic of conversation even beyond the search community:

Google is the usual default. “Like all browsers, Mozilla Firefox automatically configures a browser on a default search engine to perform searches through the address bar,” Lawrence Abrams wrote on BleepingComputer. Chrome obviously uses Google by default, but Brave and Firefox too.

Last August, Google and Firefox reached an agreement whereby Google paid Mozilla “between $ 400 million and $ 450 million per year for the privilege of becoming the default search engine for the Firefox web browser in most regions,” he said. Brinkmann said.

The new ordeal. “The study began on September 6 and will run until early 2022, likely January 2022. About 1% of Firefox desktop users may notice that the default search engine is changed when the Firefox installation is chosen for the experiment, ”explained Brinkmann. Why are they doing this test with Bing? Mozilla has not disclosed the reason, but most of their income comes from search engine transactions.

“Mozilla may want to have a backup plan when the research contract with Google expires in 2023. Google might be interested in extending the research agreement, but if the deal fails Microsoft would be one of the few options left. for Mozilla, ”says Brinkmann.

Why we care Many SEOs often forgo Bing optimization in favor of their higher traffic counterpart, but this is another reason to diversify your target search engines. This is also another reason to potentially invest in Microsoft Advertising. While 1% of users isn’t much right now if the deal with Google fails, a Bing / Microsoft strategy can be beneficial if Mozilla makes it the default search engine.

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