Home Search optimization Lessons from the trenches: is your website helping or hurting your business?

Lessons from the trenches: is your website helping or hurting your business?


When I first started working in the 70s, I would tell a potential new supplier to send me some of their documentation to review. Now everyone just asks for a link to the provider website and/or performs a Google search on the company. When people check out your business website, does it show your business in the best light? Or do you look like a dinosaur?

Here are a few things to make sure your website delivers optimal results:

  1. Does your site clearly communicate what your business does and how to contact you?
  2. Do you list your company’s USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) on your site so potential customers can see why you’re better than your competition?
  3. Do you offer useful content to those who visit your site? Or is it just chatter about how great you are?
  4. Does your site list your suppliers and do you have active links to your suppliers’ websites?
  5. Are the suppliers referenced on your site still your main suppliers? Do you have new suppliers that you haven’t added?
  6. Is your website optimized for top rankings in the various search engines used today? If you haven’t had a professional do the SEO (search engine optimization), you should. It doesn’t cost much and it can significantly boost your rankings when customers search for the products and services you offer.
  7. Do you update your website content frequently? I’m still amused when I see content on some of my competitors’ sites from three or four years ago. Make sure to update the content regularly and make it valuable to your customers.
  8. Is there a way for your customers to contact you from your website and is it easy to find? Plus, nothing drives a customer away faster than a contact form that takes 10 minutes to fill out.
  9. Do you have a process in place to ensure inquiries from your website are answered within 24 hours, preferably sooner?
  10. Do you have a job section so that people looking for a job in your company can easily contact you?

Jim Sobeck is CEO of New South Construction Supply, a Greenville-based building products distributor with 10 locations in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. He is the author of “The Real Business 101: Lessons Trenches. newsouthsupply.com.