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K.KS Marketing Launches Growth Marketing Solution in Hong Kong. Help the growth of SMEs with a time limit | Taiwan News


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – July 21, 2021 – At the beginning of last year, K.KS Marketing launched a special “Growth Marketing” service in the Hong Kong market which aims to help SMEs to develop their business and to develop their potential customers in a short time possible. K.KS Marketing is recently the one and only growth marketing company in Hong Kong, making “efficiency” a key ambition. Specializing in over 22 types of marketing tactics, K.KS Marketing is seizing the hottest digital marketing model. Their unique growth marketing funnel and automatic trading program take a big step forward in creating an unforgettable online customer experience and skillfully increasing the rate of return on online platforms.

Growth marketing is a new marketing concept in Hong Kong at the moment, however, various multinational corporations (MNCs) have already adopted the concept of growth marketing in their marketing strategy. For example, Coca Cola and Kellogg’s have hired a new Chief Growth Officer (CGO) position to replace traditional marketing positions. However, around 40% of US companies are now looking for a Growth Marketing Manager (GMM) instead. “Profit maximization” is at the heart of growth marketing, which is why diverse and comprehensive marketing solutions are used, depending on different industries and their business purpose.

Presentation of the new marketing concept in Hong Kong

Embracing pioneering minds, K.KS Marketing Director of Growth Karl Kong and Director of Marketing Anson Chan are determined to promote growth marketing without hesitation. They proclaimed that K.KS Marketing was the first growth marketing in Hong Kong that focused on effectiveness and efficiency. Karl said, “Growth marketing is doing data-driven marketing, which is very different from the general one-time marketing campaign. Each marketing activity has been analyzed and improved by data reviews. Marketing strategy occupies only 1-2 solutions, which is not complete and risky for business, but this problem is absolutely eliminated in growth marketing.

About K.KS Marketing

Specialized in over 22 types of marketing solutions, especially SEO, SMM, lead generation etc. and marketing automation. K.KS Marketing is a one and only solution combining a growth marketing solution and an SEO solution, constantly listed at the top of the search “SEO 公司[1]“,” Marketing 公司[2]“etc. In addition, their customer support increased the exposure rate from 2,597 to 25,756, or about 1000%, in 4 months.

K.KS Marketing aims to increase customers’ business profits with predictable and maximum marketing effectiveness. “Minimize entry costs and maximize return results”. Provide advanced marketing strategies for businesses to thrive against tough times.

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