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JMC suffers loss of revenue of Rs 1.25 lakh per day by suspending advertising rights


Delaying tactics for the benefit of the illegal hoarding mafia

Nishikant Khajuria

JAMMU, April 10: Continuing its delaying tactics in awarding exclusive advertising rights, Jammu Municipal Corporation suffers a loss of revenue of over Rs 1.25 lakh per day for allegedly benefiting the mafia involved in installing billboards illegal in Jammu City.
While the authorities concerned apologize for an ongoing dispute to delay the allocation of publicity rights to the highest bidder, certain interests acquired in JMC, in collusion with some private parties, are exploiting the situation for illicit ends by authorizing illegal hoardings within municipal boundaries. .
Notwithstanding the submission of a formal clarification by its legal counsel on the pending litigation and allegedly giving a notice of no objection in the allocation of publicity rights to the highest bidder, the JMC has now formed a committee to recommend the next line of action. conduct and thus further delayed the matter indefinitely for the alleged benefit of the bond involved in the installation of illegal signs.
As already reported by the Excelsior, the previous contract for the rights of publicity through billboards and pole kiosks within municipal boundaries had expired in June of last year and new tenders for the same were launched last December with January 19, 2021 as the last date. Rs 4 crores per year was the base price of the tender with a contract term of five years from the date of signing the agreement.
January 22, 2021 was the opening date of the technical offers after which the financial offers were also submitted by the participating companies. However, JMC took about two months to open financial offers only after Excelsior published an exclusive story explaining how the municipal company was losing thousands of rupees in revenue while on the other hand, some private players colluded. along with corrupt JMC officials were illegally putting up billboards in public places.
However, the story did not end there as even after the financial offers opened on March 19, exclusive publicity rights have only been awarded to the highest bidder, M / s Bright Neon Signs to date. Pvt Ltd, which quoted the rate as Rs 4.60. crores for the first year and 10 percent increase each year i.e. JMC will get income of Rs 28.08 crore in five years.
Apologizing for an ongoing dispute with M / s Neon Signs Pvt Ltd, which held the exclusive advertising rights to JMC also last year, city officials did not grant the new rights to it and referred the matter to its lawyer for legal advice.
Since M / s Bright Neon Signs Pvt Ltd was allowed to participate in the tendering process with leave of the arbitration tribunal, sources have said that the legal adviser, in his report submitted to the municipality he over a week ago, had found nothing wrong with the attribution. exclusive publicity rights to the said firm.
However, for allegedly further delaying the case despite clarification from legal counsel, JMC officials last Thursday formed a committee of officers to recommend further action regarding the allocation of publicity rights to the company.
In accordance with the order, the committee, consisting of the Deputy Commissioner (Rev), JMC, Account Manager, JMC and Senior Legal Officer, JMC will recommend further action regarding the allocation of exclusive publicity rights through hoarding and pole kiosks in Ward 1 through 75 within Jammu Municipal Corporation regarding an ongoing litigation with M / s Bright Neon Signs Pvt Ltd.
Sources alleged that the formation of the committee is another measure to further delay the legal allocation of publicity rights and thus give more time to those who exploit the situation for illicit purposes by illegally putting up signs in Jammu City. while on the other hand, JMC suffers a loss of income. over Rs 1.25 lakh per day due to the deliberate delay.


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