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Is Twopcharts safe? Concerns Raised About Site Privacy Showing Twitter’s Social Circle | The independent


Many Twitter users are using a new tool called Twopcharts which shows them which accounts they have interacted with the most on the social media site.

The website, which requires users to log in with their Twitter account, allows people to see their tracking and tracking history, how long a user has spent on Twitter, and how active they are on Twitter.

Users posted images of their most interactive accounts, provided by Twopcharts, to Twitter.

However, others have expressed concerns about the access users have to hand over to get that data.

Additionally, Twopcharts does not have easily accessible terms and conditions or cookies policy on its website. To access its privacy policy, users must first register on the site.

As such, it is unclear to potential users how Twopcharts uses the data it allows it to access.

What is Twopcharts?

Twopcharts offers statistics and data on how people have used their Twitter accounts.

It also allows users to get information about other Twitter accounts.

Opening a temporary Twitter profile, signing up for Twopcharts, and finding a Twitter account brings up data about a user’s average number of tweets and when they were tweeted, broken down into a graph. tweets per hour.

It can also allow users to see who has followed them and who they are following, over time.

Twopcharts offers an “Interaction overview”. At the time of writing this preview, it would take 198 minutes for Twopcharts to generate. There were apparently nearly 1,600 people who were also generating reports.

Users can bypass this expectation by purchasing a subscription, priced at € 5 for 24 hours, € 10 for one month and € 100 for one year.

Subscription information is only available to users who have authorized Twopcharts to access their Twitter account.

“If you purchase a 24-hour subscription, we’ll prioritize your request immediately and you’ll receive a great interaction preview in HD that displays up to 120 Twitter accounts you’ve interacted with!” Said Twopcharts.

“If you take out a monthly subscription, you will get a poster image of 2700×1800 pixels!” “

What permissions does Twopcharts need?

When registering for Twopcharts, he requests access to:

  • View the Tweets in your newspaper (including Protected Tweets) as well as your lists and collections.
  • View your Twitter profile information and your account settings.
  • See the accounts you follow, ignore and block.
  • Track and no longer track accounts for you.
  • Update your profile and your account settings.
  • Post and delete Tweets for yourself, and interact with Tweets posted by others (like, dislike, or reply to a Tweet, retweet, etc.) for you.
  • Create, manage, and delete lists and collections for you.
  • Disable, block and report accounts for you.

“We will never surprise you or on Twitter (in a negative way),” says Twopchart.

A Twitter help page said users should be “careful before giving access to a third-party application to your account.”

“We also suggest that you periodically review the third-party applications that have access to your account to confirm that you still wish to give them access.”

Twopcharts says The independent that it has “access only to data accessible to the public”.

“We need to store information relating to connected accounts, namely user ID, user name and profile picture and access codes provided by Twitter to communicate through the API with Twitter.”

Why should I be worried?

The Twopcharts website did not have an easily accessible Terms and Conditions section or privacy policy. The independent could not find such information on its website.

Twopcharts says that by agreeing to use the site, users “agree to our use of cookies. We and selected third parties use cookies to improve your user experience, analytics and advertising.”

Clicking on the hyperlink to learn more about Twopcharts’ use of cookies led to a Twopchart user page for the @cookies Twitter account.

The policy is now available on the website, but it is illegible unless a user has already registered on the website.

“By using this site, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our site. Your continued use of the site after the posting of changes to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of these changes, “we read.

Following the publication of this article, the privacy policy is now visible on the site.

Twitter’s development policy, which developers must follow to develop third-party applications, states: “Protecting and defending the privacy of people on Twitter is an integral part of our business DNA. As such, we prohibit the use of Twitter data in any way that would be inconsistent with people’s reasonable expectations for privacy. “

“By relying on the Twitter API or accessing Twitter content, you have a special role to play in upholding this commitment, especially by respecting people’s privacy and providing them with transparency and control over how their data is used. “

The independent contacted Twitter to find out if Twopcharts adequately protects user privacy.

“The cookie policy redirect is now corrected. In a recent software change, ‘cookies’ was omitted as a reserved word, meaning it is assumed to be a Twitter ID, ”Wagemakers explained.

Its “very modest income comes from the advertising you can see on the website and paid subscriptions,” Wagemakers continued, adding that it does not sell Twitter data to “anyone.”

Twopcharts’ privacy policy states that it “may share generic aggregated demographic information unrelated to personally identifiable information about visitors and users with our business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers.”

Have I used Twopcharts before? What should I do?

In order to revoke Twopcharts’ access to your account, users must access the Settings & Privacy section of their Twitter account.

Under “Data and Permissions” there is a section called “Applications and Sessions”. By clicking on it, you will be able to revoke access to any application.

It is not known what information, if any, Twopcharts keeps about the user.The independent contacted Twopcharts for clarification.

“If people don’t sign in to our service, no data is collected about them, they’re just taken to a login page,” Wagemakers said.

“Normally, if people no longer follow our accounts, we delete all the data necessary to provide a specific service,” he continued. “If a user asked for data to be deleted, we would check anything here and delete it, but that hardly ever happens.”


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