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Improve the unique customer experience | The Manila Times


A METAPH used by one of my sales reps aptly describes my philosophy on how to serve customers and earn their trust – and how to keep them coming back for more.

In the past, the rep said, he’s acted much like a pharmacist, selling only “painkillers” to customers to treat a single symptom as prescribed by a doctor. Today, he acts more like a doctor, consulting with clients to fully understand their health conditions and ensure their long-term well-being.

In the age of cloud services, instead of just selling products, we also provide long-term customer service, both at the technical level and at the level of business partnerships. The cloud’s subscription model makes it easier for customers to go elsewhere for a second opinion if their providers aren’t providing top-notch care, making it imperative that we inextricably tie our success to the success of our customers.

Looking after the welfare of customers is not just a one-time business project, nor the role of customer-facing functions or any other department.

Bharat Petroleum (BPCL), one of India’s largest oil companies, operates in a number of sectors including retail, industrial, LPG, lubricants, aviation and gas. One of the goals of BPCL’s Project Anubhav digital initiative is to deliver a consistent customer experience across all of its divisions.

For the digital marketing pilot under Project Anubhav, BPCL is providing customers with unique product offerings, customized for their segment, but with a consistent look and feel across different business divisions.

“We are seeing the positive impact of this on business-specific KPIs such as campaign engagement, acceptance to receive more communications from BPCL, and higher footfall in our retail store,” Rahul Tandon , head of BPCL’s digital transformation for the Anubhav project, told the Economic Times – CIO.com in December.

“Our digital maturity has increased significantly with the adoption of Oracle CX Cloud. What started as an intelligent customer communication engine is now gradually transforming into hyper-personalized customer engagement for us in this pilot project,” Tandon said. .

Similarly, LG CNS, South Korea’s leading digital transformation (DX) company, uses Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to respond to customer demands faster and deploy marketing campaigns more efficiently through standardized processes.

They also use the app’s AI capabilities to score leads and automate personalized retargeting based on real-time customer behavior. The company could now better identify, prioritize, and track high value opportunities and top accounts throughout its sales cycle.

Just like BPCL and LG CNS, there are many other companies of all sizes across Japan and the Asia-Pacific region that are leveraging powerful analytics and adaptive AI to deliver exceptional experiences for their customers. in order to have an advantage in the market. Making every customer interaction count is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Johnston is senior vice president for applications at Oracle Japan and Asia Pacific.