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How to optimize performance by leveraging mobile marketing automation?


Martech Perspectives | Tuesday 05 October 2021

Mobile marketing automation enables organizations to effectively send relevant, urgent and personalized communications to millions of people with little human effort.

FREMONT, California: Mobile marketing automation is a type of software that manages and monitors the activities of a mobile marketer. This means that automation is used to perform operations that would otherwise have to be done manually or that would take prohibitive time.

Automated performance marketing can help mobile marketers with segments, personalization, analytics, and communications. For example, it can be used to segment huge audiences into cohorts (groups defined by shared characteristics), allowing marketers to spend more time analyzing how these segmented audiences should be targeted. In addition, strategic activities such as push notifications or in-app messaging can be carried out autonomously.

Four ways mobile marketing automation can help optimize performance:

Mobile channel management: Automation can manage various channels and integrate data to achieve the best results. Social media platforms, texting, in-app messaging, and push notifications are effective communication techniques for interacting with users, with the most successful being discovered through A / B testing. In addition, automation can help optimize efforts based on defined rules.

A / B tests: By segmenting users, mobile marketers can determine how different categories of users respond to creativity. Because automation does the heavy lifting, they can decide which variations produce the most effective message for their marketing approach.

Segmentation: Automation allows mobile marketers to segment people quickly and cost effectively based on contextual information. Depending on the marketing goals, users can be categorized based on a variety of factors, from device type to user demographics. This makes it possible to personalize and therefore maximize the user experience.

Customization: One of the most important characteristics of automated performance marketing is its ability to effortlessly scale engagements at scale. This includes everything from using the correct name for in-app communications to selling hyper-relevant products based on a user’s previous activity. Personalization is key to increasing engagement and reducing churn by providing customers with a unique experience tailored to their specific demands.

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