How to Motivate Yourself to Save? Deposits, Bank Accounts


How many times have we promised ourselves that we will start saving from the next month. And we want to do it for various reasons. For some, money is important for retirement, for others, collecting enough money to educate our children, and still others dream of a long journey, for which a considerable amount of money is needed. Unfortunately, very often, our willingness to save, turns out to be “straw enthusiasm” and after a few days after our savings there is no trace left. So what to do to find the motivation to save? There are several ways and we will try to calculate them below.

At the beginning, let’s say what motivation is. Well, this is our internal state, which expresses readiness to take specific actions. In this process, our mental and physical attitude plays a huge role. Of course, at the end of the road, there should be a “reward”, which is the goal for which we save money. So we must set a goal to which we will strive, that is, we must know what we are saving. For some, it will be the already mentioned quiet life in retirement, for the other car, and for some other repayment of debts. There can be millions of goals here, because each of us thinks about something else. When we have our goal, saving will be easier.

Reaching out to our Goals

Reaching out to our Goals

But what to do to not lose enthusiasm and consistently pursue our goal? We have several ways to do it. First, let’s visualize our goal. If we’re picking up a car, cut out his picture and put it on the fridge. Write an annotation next to the photo: “This car will be mine next year”. It helps a lot, because several times a day we see our goal of saving. Another way to keep your motivation is to share information about our savings with friends or family members. If we publicly acknowledge something, it will be harder for us to withdraw from it. Do not forget about saving automation. The savings account and the permanent order can be excellent here. If the money will be deposited “alone”, then it will be easier to put them down. It is also good to spread the amount we need to collect for smaller amounts. It is easier for us to imagine that in each day we need to save PLN 5.5, than PLN 2,000 throughout the year. Do not forget to update your savings status. With our photo on the refrigerator after some time, add: “Even 4 months and the car will be mine.” This definitely raises the motivation to save.

As the people who decided to save, say the most difficult is the first time. When we manage to achieve the ideal goal, when we have another, saving will be much easier for us. And after some time it will give us a habit and we will be able to look with satisfaction at how the sum on our savings account is constantly growing.

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