How to Make Money without Leaving Your Home


How many times while sitting on the couch with a remote control in hand, we told ourselves that we must look for a job that we will be able to do in our home. Thanks to it, firstly, we will not be bored, and secondly, our income can be significantly improved. And it is not a permanent job, which is our main source of income, but an additional job that will give us extra money.

Someone can say that it is not easy to find such an extra job. But is this true? The Internet gives us a lot of possibilities in this respect, so if we look around well and look, relatively quickly we will find the opportunity to get extra money. Below we will present a few of them, although of course there are many more.

– writing texts – the creators of websites, as well as people dealing with their positioning, constantly need different types of texts. Some of them must be of high quality, others slightly worse, so even people who do not consider themselves literate can write them. In the Internet, you can find many announcements related to writing texts, so you can find something for yourself. What’s more, there are special platforms on which written texts can be posted and waiting for someone to buy from us. When writing texts for 2 – 3 hours a day, you can add several hundred zlotys to your home budget.

– tutoring – who said that giving tutoring we have to meet our students directly? Thanks to modern technology, we can communicate with them, for example using the Skype communicator. In this way you can lead tutoring in languages, mathematics or history. There are several websites on the Internet that associate people looking for teachers with people who can teach lessons. And you do not need to have finished studies to lead such lessons. If we are good teachers, we will surely quickly find those who will improve their qualifications under our supervision.

– creating blogs and websites – for a few years now we’ve had fashion for having our own website or our own blog. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to create and run such a website or blog, and here there is the possibility of additional money for all those who have this idea. You can get money not only for creating a website or blog, but also for running them, that is adding texts or photos.

– transcription –

In simple terms, it is the transfer of sound statements to paper. A lot of people or companies need to write interviews, lectures, meetings, etc. This is a great way to get extra money. We receive an audio file from the clients, which we must save in a text file. A very simple task, especially for those who write on the keyboard efficiently.

translations – 

people who know foreign languages ​​can earn by translating various types of texts. In the network you can find a lot of orders related to texts on pages or translation of statements or interviews. No great language skills are required, as usually such texts are not too complicated.

filling out surveys –

A good way to make extra money, because it does not require any skills from us. There are many websites in the Internet network on which you can fill out various types of surveys and get money for it. The disadvantage of this system is that we will not get very high rates here, but every zloty counts in the home budget.

– handicrafts –


in order to do them, we must have some manual skills, but the profits from their sale may turn out to be very large. We can sell ready-made works on internet auctions, thanks to which we have access to an unlimited number of clients.

The examples given are just the tip of the iceberg, because there are many ways to work at home. All you need to do is look for the right portals (, and see what we can do to increase our income, and our financial situation is more stable.

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