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How to get started with HubSpot Drag and drop emails


What do you usually do when you want to offer a promotion, launch a new service, or find new customers?

You send an e-mail. Why?

Over the past decade, email marketing has consistently delivered a higher ROI than other digital tactics. But over the past decade, email has changed dramatically, especially when it comes to the technology that makes it possible. Previously, marketers had to rely heavily on developers or IT to create and send emails. That’s no longer the case, thanks to tools like HubSpot’s drag-and-drop email editor.

First off, what is the HubSpot Drag and Drop email editor?

The editor is an easy-to-use tool that lets you drag and drop different items onto your email canvas. With its intuitive interface, you can quickly create and edit emails that match your company’s branding guidelines. You can use a range of customization modules and tokens to make your email stand out and never have to worry about accidentally breaking something. Maybe the best part? Every email you create offers a clear and responsive design for every device, which is vital given that mobile can account for up to 77% of email opens.

What are some of the features of HubSpot email drag and drop?

You have access to several great features when creating your emails with the HubSpot drag and drop editor. They understand:

  • The ability to convert any email into an automated email (Pro and Enterprise)
  • Recipients, send and schedule combined tools in one screen
  • Personalization tokens, available in body, preview text, and subject line
  • Smart content and emojis in the email
  • Different A / B testing opportunities
  • Tons of default modules and options to download or create custom modules

What type of drag and drop emails can you create and how do you create them?

HubSpot comes with many pre-built email templates (which you’ll need to select before using the editor) to speed up your marketing efforts. They include welcome, simple, event invitation, newsletter, thank you, promotional, and simple templates. However, if you don’t see a template you want or need, you can head to Asset Marketplace to download a new one, have a developer create one for you, or start with a simple template, then expand it using drag and drop. drop tools.

When you’re ready to create your email, go to Marketing, then Email, then click Create Email. Here you will choose the model you need. Suppose you want to create a new template using the editor. Once you’ve selected the template you’ll use as a starting point, you can customize it by dragging and dropping modules from the Content tab in the left pane. You can drag images, texts, buttons, dividers, social sharing icons, videos (although not recommended for emails), footers, etc. You can also drag layouts to create columns to divide your email content.

If you want to customize your fonts, titles, colors, borders or spacing, you will need to click on the Design tab in the pane. This opens all of your settings where you will make your changes. When you’re happy with how your email looks, click Actions, name it, and save the new email as a template. The next time you create an email, it will be there with the rest of your templates! However, it is essential to note that you cannot modify a template itself. You will need to create a new version by copying your old template, modifying it, and saving it again. The good news: If you end up deleting an old template in favor of a new one, it won’t mess up any of your scheduled emails because the template is not associated with the email campaign.

Some important things to know about HubSpot drag-and-drop emails

HubSpot’s current drag-and-drop email editor first launched in 2018, with several iterations over the years. Because it is still relatively new, it is constantly evolving. This means that there are some limitations to note, including:

  • Changing the columns can cause a spacing issue unless you do something simple. You might need a developer to resolve this issue, especially if your column is large or has many items.
  • In some situations, images placed on the right side of a column will pile up under the text in the mobile, which may seem odd. A custom two column module could solve this problem.
  • There are some issues with using buttons with Outlook, but a developer can create workarounds.
  • Drag and drop can only use patterns in backgrounds. If you use something else, it may end up looking distorted or “crashed” on mobile. However, a custom module can solve this problem!
  • The drag-and-drop editor will only allow you to use a web-safe font from a pre-selected HubSpot list.

Start creating today

Email marketing has long been a must-have strategy for businesses. In the past, however, tools and platforms made things a little more complicated than they needed to be. But the drag-and-drop editor, despite some limitations, makes it easy to send campaigns aligned with your business purpose. And any HubSpot user can get started today by checking out the Email section of their account!

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