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How TATA Capital Uses Social Media and Content to Serve Customers


With more than 15 years of experience to his credit, Hector Chevillesaria, Associate Vice President of Marketing at Tata Capital, has seen the content industry evolve from an ancillary to the backbone of marketing.

When he started his career, digital content was limited to emails and messages. Websites, the bare minimum today, were only just beginning to gain traction. “It was a sellers’ market. There were hardly any content producers. There was no concept of personalized content. The Internet existed, but there wasn’t much to see there, ”says Hector.

In this episode of Pepper Content’s Top of the funnel series, Content Marketing Lead at Pepper, Natasha Puri interviews Hector Anklesaria on the evolution of content and digital in the insurance sector.


The digital evolution

As internet access became effortless, it gradually began to become the hub of content. An increase in the number of content producers has resulted in an exponential increase in the number of consumers. Brands could no longer afford to ignore the power of search engine optimization, making SEO a key change.

As a result, they had to rethink their content strategies. Content has moved up the hierarchy of each brand’s marketing plan. Today, content is invaluable and drives the growth of organizations.

How COVID-19 Impacted Customer Communications

One of the key areas that fall under the competence of Anklesaria, social media at Tata Capital was heavily affected during the pandemic. In a sense, this has accentuated certain philosophies and beliefs he believes are already deeply rooted in the work culture of the organization and it is a very strong sense of customer engagement.

“Our communication strategy on social networks has become more sensitive. We have shared a lot of informative content, not only on the pandemic, but also on health care and protection. Excessive communication has become our strategy, whether it is about how customers can reach us or how they can access our products.

Influencer marketing and adoption of new channels

While influencer marketing might not be something you associate with the insurance industry, Tata Capital has been successful there and is only seeing its role grow. “It’s as difficult as finding a brand ambassador for your brand, but what it does successfully is add another layer to your media plan, which is very important,” says Hector.

The abundance of digital channels required to be ubiquitous. But you need to filter and choose the right channels based on your industry and audience.

“You don’t want to create indiscriminate content for all platforms. It’s important to keep in mind what people are doing on different platforms and create a specific strategy for each accordingly,” he adds.

The future belongs to the content, according to Hector. Brands can’t hope to grow without content as the centerpiece of their strategy. While we can’t predict what the future holds, it undoubtedly looks promising for content-driven brands.

“Relevancy is the key. I can’t stress enough the importance of staying relevant. I think this should be the cornerstone of content creation.”


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