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How Maverick Media Lab Founder Gilberto Rosas is Solving the Toughest Problems Facing Real Estate Professionals in 2022


One of the most profound benefits of entrepreneurship is the uncapped earning potential versus a stable salary in a more typical corporate role. This lucrative opportunity is a strong asset among professionals in the real estate industry. However, challenges are inevitable in any environment of uncapped potential. If real estate professionals can overcome these challenges, they can expect to maximize their income and achieve financial freedom.

/EIN News/ — Los Angeles, Calif., April 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gilberto Rosas is the founder of Maverick Media Lab, a marketing company that has helped hundreds of real estate professionals acquire real estate partners through effective outbound marketing systems. These strategies have proven to be very successful so far, with real estate professionals across the country generating 2-5x more deals after working with the marketing company.

Most real estate professionals believe that making cold calls or buying leads is the fastest way to move up. However, this strategy can put them at risk of burnout and frustration when they have little or no results to show.

As these traditional sales and marketing methods become obsolete, professionals must adapt accordingly and opt for more effective strategies, such as deploying new technologies and software that can lead to maximum results with the less time and effort required.

The extent of your knowledge and abilities will determine your level of success. Gilberto says, “The biggest problem I see in the real estate industry today is the lack of sales and marketing training and the lack of support that real estate professionals receive from their companies, but also that most high yield real estate professionals don’t have the time to do outbound prospecting and that’s where we found our solution.” He shares that this is one of the main reasons real estate professionals fail and limit themselves to reaching their highest potential.

Maverick Media Lab is the only real estate marketing company that provides a turnkey, zero-touch system for acquiring referral partnerships. Typically, industry marketing companies sell leads, websites, and SEO (all of which are direct-to-consumer). Using this unique strategy, one of their clients consistently generated 3 more deals per month within the first 60 days of working with Gilberto and his team. Prior to this, the client had no knowledge or access to implement campaigns to increase their customer base, nor any tools to help them acquire referral partnerships. The client ultimately added over $200,000 to their bottom line a year later by leveraging the strategies and systems deployed by Maverick Media Lab.

A strong online presence is very useful, especially to build your credibility and position yourself as an expert in your field. Gilberto emphasizes the importance of social media marketing, especially video marketing. He thinks Facebook and Instagram will continue to prioritize micro-content like reels to grab more attention, helping real estate professionals become more visible online.

Leveraging tools and software to help professionals automate repetitive tasks is key to accelerating growth and scaling faster. Gilberto says, “Using marketing automation will aggravate business growth and accelerate the evolution of any professional.” In this way, real estate professionals can free up their time, achieve financial freedom and time freedom.

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