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Google updates search algorithm to highlight higher quality product reviews


This could be a relevant consideration for your SEO approach.

This week, as part of its regular search algorithm tweaks, Google provided a look at how it’s looking to improve the quality of the reviews it shows in search results.

As explained by Google:

Over the past year, we’ve worked hard to improve the product reviews we display in search. Our first updates have been designed to, among other things, help ensure that reviews come from people who demonstrate expert knowledge and first-hand product research. [This latest] The update builds on that work to ensure that product reviews in search meet certain criteria. »

In order to provide internet users with the best possible review information, Google is now looking to highlight product reviews that:

  • Include helpful, in-depth details, like the pros or cons of a certain item, details about a product’s performance, or how the product differs from previous versions
  • Be from people who have actually used the products and show what the product physically looks like or how it is used
  • Include unique information beyond what the manufacturer provides – such as visuals, audio, or links to other content detailing the reviewer’s experience
  • Cover comparable products or explain what sets a product apart from its competitors

Of course, as a brand, you have limited control over what people write in their product reviews, but if you use a legitimate review service or seek to include customer testimonials, or even in campaigns influencer marketing, these notes could help guide your approach to optimizing review performance.

In general, these are pretty good guidelines for the types of reviews you want anyway, and if you’re looking to get your best brand advocates to post about your business/products, this is the type to do. information you would like to obtain.

Again, you can’t dictate what people say, per se, but you can provide guidance when asking for feedback and working on your own review-related promotions.

If you’re looking for more guidance on this, Google has also released a comprehensive overview of “How to Write Great Reviews” in line with what it seeks to present in its products.

Some useful notes to consider in your broader marketing effort.