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GetResponse, Full Developer of Online Marketing Tools, Wins MarTech Breakthrough Award


GetResponse, a comprehensive developer of online marketing solutions, won the award for “Best B2B Email Marketing Solution” at the 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Awards.

The program, which marks its fourth edition this year, is led by MarTech Breakthrough, a pioneer in marketing technology and the market intelligence industry. Through this annual awards event, which began in 2018, MarTech recognizes the best companies, products and technologies that have impacted the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industries over the past year. .

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GetResponse: one of the best

GetResponse, a global company with services reaching customers in 183 countries and territories, is the originator of the proprietary email marketing tool. However, this is just one of its more than 30 tools in an intuitive platform that features professional email templates, easy-to-use design tools, and industry-tested deliverability that s. address to organizations of all sizes. Despite its extensive offerings, the success of the GetResponse platform still comes down to its functionality: making email marketing much easier than before.

The largest GetResponse marketing solution also gives businesses access to other essential tools, such as website builders, landing pages, and funnels. It also offers connectivity with Facebook, Google Ads, and live chat, SMS and webinar solutions. With all of these solutions under one platform, GetResponse enables executives to manage multiple aspects of a business without switching between different platforms.

“For organizations that want to implement effective, high-impact campaigns that generate a marketing ROI, the GetResponse email marketing and online campaign management platform is a ‘breakthrough’ solution,” MarTech Breakthrough Managing Director James Johnson said in a statement. He adds that GetResponse helps organizations “build better targeted subscriber lists” and allows them to send impactful newsletters, video emails and other forms of marketing campaigns. Johnson also called the platform “one of the best marketing services on the market.”

The Managing Director of MarTech Breakthrough congratulated the entire GetResponse team for winning “Best B2B Email Marketing Solution”. The awarding body aims to honor excellence and recognize innovation, hard work and success in the fields of marketing, sales, advertising and related industries. These areas include marketing automation, customer experience, and market research.

Start from a real business need

GetResponse CEO and Founder Simon Grabowski also expresses his gratitude for this recognition. He remembers launching the business in 1998, born of “a need that I really had”. He shares the management of a small business and is looking for a better way to send their correspondence.

“As the world of marketing has evolved, GetResponse has continued to do the same, responding to the demands of people who need real, simple and powerful solutions,” adds Grabowski. “A big thank you to MarTech for this incredible industry recognition.”

With over 20 years of experience, GetResponse has positioned itself to enable businesses to achieve tangible results. Its proprietary platforms offer various solutions to meet different business and marketing needs: email marketing, website and landing page builders, conversion funnels, automation marketing solutions, live chats, paid ads, webinars. , etc. In addition, the company offers a 24/7 customer support line, available in eight languages.

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