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Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glasses look cool … but no thanks


Time for a magic trick. Imagine, if you will, which company you would least trust to have access to a camera on your head. Repeat the name of this business in your mind. Keep on going…

Now I am going to use my powers of deduction to guess who you are thinking of.

It’s Facebook, isn’t it? Yes of course.

In case you missed the news, Facebook and Ray-Ban have collaborated to create a pair of smart glasses. The official launch of these has yet to take place (although that has likely changed by the time you read this), but the product has already been leaked by Evan Blass.

These are the “Round” models, there are also the “Wayfarer” and “Meteor” options.

Without getting bogged down in detail, this is just a pair of sunglasses with cameras attached. A more sophisticated pair of Snap Spectacles if you will.

On the aesthetic side, I’m in it. This Facebook and Ray-Ban collaboration is a great idea if you want to normalize having a camera on your sunglasses. People are buying these things en masse anyway, so you’re bound to hook up a bunch of people with the promise of easy photography alongside style.

The thing is… no. This product elicited the most difficult pass possible on my part.

Look, I would love to try out the Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glasses, but there’s no way I’m using them on a daily basis. Facebook is simply not trustworthy.

From Cambridge Analytica to scamming teens to sell their personal data, Facebook has repeatedly and continually violated people’s privacy. Even beyond the endless array of scandals, the platform is essentially an advertiser.

Its purpose is to collect your information to sell ads. That’s it.

And do you know what an absolutely fantastic data source is? A pair of cameras strapped to your head.

Look, I’m sure Facebook will be pushing all the privacy aspects of its smart glasses at launch, but it will be like the portal: all words, no substance.

Facebook and Ray-Ban smart glasses may not be a Completed nightmare and film everything you do, but all the photos and videos you take will be stored on a server somewhere in order to create a more accurate advertiser profile of you.

As useful and cool as smart glasses are, this payout isn’t worth it. For everyone. So, Facebook and Ray-Ban? Thank you but, no thank you.

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