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Elon Musk says Tesla was wrong to throttle Model S battery voltage


Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the company was wrong to reduce battery voltage on 1,743 Model S sedans. Tesla has agreed to pay $ 1.5 million in claims to owners of these vehicles. , giving them each a check for $ 625.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a live update was sent by Tesla in May 2019 that temporarily lowered the maximum voltage for Model S sedans. The root cause of the reduced battery voltage was due to an incident in Hong Kong, China, where a Model S caught fire. The update was intended to improve the longevity of the Model S and Model X batteries through a slight overhaul of the thermal management system in the battery pack. However, the reduction in voltage also affected the charging speed. David Rasmussen, a Model S owner who was affected by the update, said in court in August 2019 that Tesla’s update severely affected battery performance.

Tesla to Pay $ 1.5 Million in Settlement in Battery Throttling Case

Tesla then released another update in March 2020 that brought the tension on the affected Model S sedans back to their original levels. Deposits this week of a CNBC The report indicated that 1,552 of the Model S vehicles affected by the update have already had the batteries restored to original levels. Another 57 vehicles received a full battery replacement. The remaining owners should see their battery restored to maximum voltage over time.

While the reason for the brownout was a safety measure to reduce the possibility of a vehicle fire, CEO Elon Musk admitted the decision was wrong, he said on Twitter. “If we’re wrong, we’re wrong,” Musk said. “In this case, we were.”

Musk, who has assumed the role of CEO of Tesla since 2008, five years after joining the automaker, is one of the few executives who regularly connects with consumers through his social media. For this reason, Musk tends to be very transparent, especially when discussing issues related to Tesla’s growth or product updates. Granted, this was a company loophole, and while it is a safety concern, Musk emphasizes Tesla’s policy of being truthful and honest with consumers.

“Tesla’s policy is never to give in to false claims, even if we lose, and to never fight true claims, even if we win,” he added.

Tesla isn’t just settling with the many Model S owners for $ 1.5 million. The company is also required to “maintain diagnostic software for vehicles under warranty to notify owners and renters of vehicles that Tesla believes may require battery maintenance or repair for certain battery issues.” allowing owners affected by the voltage drop to monitor the condition of the vehicles if necessary.

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Elon Musk says Tesla was wrong to choke Model S battery voltage


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