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Deloitte acquires Madras Global as clients navigate ‘content tsunami’


Dive brief:

  • Deloitte has acquired Ad2Pro Global Creative Solutions Private Limited, also known as Madras Global, to strengthen its Deloitte Digital marketing services arm, according to an announcement. Madras Global presents itself as a global content studio combining creative expertise, automation and technology. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
  • The deal is expected to strengthen Deloitte Digital’s services around multimedia content and advertising production, marketing automation and “extended reality”, a channel that encompasses augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR). Madras Global, now renamed Deloitte Digital Content Studio, will be integrated into the consulting firm’s existing advertising, marketing and commerce unit. The agency has a team of approximately 1,000 employees in six offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India.
  • Todd Brownrout, Founder and CEO of Madras Global, is on his way to becoming Managing Director at Deloitte Digital. The acquisition aims to complement other automation-focused Deloitte purchases, including Magnetic’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform in 2018 and data management company Web Decisions the year before.

Dive overview:

Deloitte Digital adds Madras Global at a time when digital content production is skyrocketing, forcing marketers to not only drive higher production volumes, but also ensure work is relevant and engaging. In a press release, Sam Roddick, global director of Deloitte Digital, described consumers as facing a “content tsunami” that creates challenges for brands looking to find their way.

Deloitte’s Marketing Services arm clearly sees automation as a way to balance personalization and scalability in the face of these hurdles, with Madras Global building on other AI-related acquisitions and partnering with the platform. exclusive customer experience management unit, Hux. At the same time, Madras Global’s specialties in extended reality could represent a bet that customers will seek more help around technologies embedded in the metaverse, an increasingly common concept that mixes real-world aspects with those of the real world. digital. The role of content in marketing could also become more important as marketing managers research alternative methods to engage consumers following the depreciation of third-party cookies, for example through contextual targeting tactics.

Madras Global has worked with marketers such as Macy’s, Polaris and Fan Fight and commands an average customer tenure of six years, according to a company website that is being updated to reflect the new owner. The agency also claims to deliver 4 million pieces of content per year to its global clientele.

“As a member of Deloitte Digital, we have the opportunity to take this offering even higher, innovate on our technology platform to deliver differentiated experiences and help businesses meet the ever-growing demand for content in a much more personalized and effective way. Brownrout said in a press release.

With this agreement, Deloitte Digital takes another step forward by combining its focus on technological integration with the types of creative services that historically belonged to traditional advertising agencies. Through aggressive mergers and acquisitions, global management consulting firms like Deloitte and Accenture quickly developed ad networks in competition with Madison Avenue. In response, adland’s old guard has increasingly reshaped to more closely mirror the consulting model, a strategy that has started to bear fruit as the pandemic accelerates investments in e-commerce, data and performance media.