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Country music star CW McCall dies at 93 | Celebrity News


Country singer CW McCall has died aged 93.

The music star – who was best known for his 1975 hit ‘Convoy’ – died on Friday (04.01.22) in Ouray, Colorado from cancer.

McCall’s son, Bill Fries III, confirmed the news to the Washington Post newspaper, after announcing in February that he was in hospice care for cancer.

McCall – whose real name was Bill Fries – actually worked in advertising before finding fame and success in the music industry.

The country singer finally created the CW McCall persona in the early 1970s, when he appeared in a commercial for Old Home Bread.

The ad won an award, and that success set him on the path to musical stardom.

McCall assumed the persona of an outlaw trucker and he had a great string of hits between 1974 and 1978.

He topped the charts with his most famous hit “Convoy,” which inspired a film starring Kris Kristofferson, Ali McGraw and Ernest Borgnine.

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The track has also recently seen a revival as part of the Freedom Convoy movement in Canada, where protests and blockades have been staged against COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions.

Besides ‘Convoy’, McCall has also achieved chart success with tracks such as ‘Wolf Creek Pass’, ‘Roses for Mama’ and ‘Classified’.

Meanwhile, between 1986 and 1992, McCall served as mayor of his hometown of Ouray.

The country music star is survived by his wife Rena Fries and their three children, Bill, Mark and Nancy Fries.

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