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Casted improves platform capabilities with component video


Caste, an audio and video content marketing solution, introduced Casted Video to extend its current platform with robust video player functionality and allow customers to manage their audio and video assets in a central location.

With Casted Video, customers can select text from a transcript and create dynamic, brand-ready video clips. Users can also generate information about viewers, such as demographics and how they interact with content.

With Casted Video, the company unveiled Collections, a new concept that allows users to store, organize and amplify one-off audio and video content, such as webinars, customer testimonials and personalized demos, same way they host podcasts. The collections will complement the recent Cast search function, which filters singular items in applicable collections to help teams find and reuse existing content on the platform.

“As a platform for B2B marketers through B2B marketers, we know firsthand the needs of today’s corporate marketing teams,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO of Casted, in a statement. “According to a survey by Demand Generation Report, 46% of shoppers said they were interested in video and interactive content early and in the middle of their buying process. The Casted platform makes it easy for marketers to deliver the content they actually want to their audience along this journey. By extending our product with Casted Video, we are further transforming the way marketers create content and closing the loop between audio, video and text.

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