Home Marketing automation Affordable Fort Worth Limousine Rental in 2022 Thanks to New Technologies

Affordable Fort Worth Limousine Rental in 2022 Thanks to New Technologies


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The revolutionary Fort Worth limo reservation app makes limo rentals and party bus rentals more affordable. LimoHive launches a new application in the Fort Worth test market.

Affordable Forth Worth Limo Rental and Party Bus Location ”

– Forth Worth Limo Service Evolved

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, USA, December 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – The luxury transportation industry in Fort Worth has been hit hard in the past 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Reservations and searches are down almost 32% from February 2020, the cost of doing business is on the rise, staff shortages and supply chain delays have also strained profit margins. Limo Hive is rolling out a mobile application in 2022 using Fort Worth as a test market for its new reservation software. Limo Hive will partner with Forth Worth’s Best Limousine Rental Services Company and Fort Worth Party’s Best Bus Rental Service Company. The Limo Hive app will provide lead generation, marketing, automation, organization and easy booking for customers, transport companies, drivers and booking agents. This sales transportation activation software gives Fort Worth Texas limo and party bus rental companies a much needed evolution to catch up with the ridesharing industry.

In the past, potential transportation consumers went through a long process of discovery, much like taxi riders do a few years ago. This included finding companies online, contacting those companies, if contact is made, then writing prices, photos of vehicles and requesting photos. Then the customer will have to compare and contrast the prices, photos and opinions of each company. After which, come back to begin the reservation process which requires reading, signing and returning the documents. Finally, provide a payment that is read multiple times over the phone to an agent for processing. Limo Hive intended to make this process a one-stop-shop for research, selection, reservation and payment, all in one single mobile app experience. On the flip side, a reservation agent would have to respond to inbound leads, attempt to present options to potential customers, and then track all of those quotes in case the customer comes back to reserve the vehicle. Finally, the transport company itself has to manage the drivers, vehicles, mechanics, customers, billable accounts, marketing and logistics. LimoHive.com will provide the marketing, leads, organization, notifications, structure and automation that will help Fort Worth transportation companies reduce their reliance on marketing, lead generation, software, employees and lead conversion times. To sum up this process, customers will receive affordable vehicle rental options and a streamlined reservation process with notifications throughout the reservation journey. Transportation companies will reduce costs while increasing efficiency and Limo Hive will achieve all of this.

This is a major victory not only for transportation companies but also for other local Fort Worth transportation related businesses like restaurants, concerts, sporting events, airports, wineries, breweries and wedding venues. More affordable transportation will spill over into other industries that depend on groups of potential customers visiting their locations.

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