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Advance Look: IMF research identifies areas where private labels excel and fail in online grocery shopping


“The study found that national brands continue to engage consumers in ways that private labels have yet to fully utilize,” said Baker. Store brands. It highlighted 10 areas where private labels “aren’t reaching manufacturer brands in digital real estate,” he said, as on the homepage, where only 20% of food retailers analyzed promoted private brands. Additionally, just over 4 in 10 grocery retailers included multiple product images on private label product retail pages, and about half of grocery retailers included banner ads on product listing pages. and search pages, but only 20% of banner ads promoted private labels.

The conclusions of the report come specifically from consultants FitForCommerce, who made mystery purchases on 25 food retailer e-commerce sites and identified 10 opportunities for food retailers to effectively target consumers with private label offerings. The IMF report also includes data from an IMF and Hartman Group consumer survey, a survey of food retailers and manufacturers, interviews with private label executives, and e-commerce data from the IMF. ‘IRI.

Other key findings from the strong report include ways to optimize search for store brands, IRI’s e-commerce sales figures for the food industry as a whole (up 25% from the 52 weeks ended August 8) and detailed demographic details. For example, when shopping online, more than three-quarters of shoppers use digital coupons, and more specifically, 80% of Gen Z / Millennial shoppers take advantage of coupons compared to Gen X shoppers (78% ) and baby boomers / mature buyers (63%).

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